Tiny Legs Tim & Steven Troch (Bel)
Vendredi 16 et samedi 17 octobre 2020


As fingerpicking virtuoso, talented slide guitarist but above all as rock solid lyricist, Tiny Legs Tim knows how to make strong and unique blues and roots music. The name Tiny Legs Tim is a nod to his thin legs: a consequence of surgery and a battle for survival spanning years. This Belgian has the blues.

“Tiny legs Tim explores all corners of the blues; he knows it like the back of his hand. His weapons of choice are beautifully tempered guitar playing with a brutal side of slide, a pleasantly dreamy voice and a golden pen from which songs flow that you will start humming effortlessly after only listening once or twice.” Jazzism (NL)

“Blues with an international and extraterristrial bravura!” KindaMuzik